Pure unpasteurised honey sourced exclusively from Siberia’s Altai region

For just a few months each year, the blanket of snow retreats from the Altai Mountains and the land is bathed in glorious sunshine. Fields and forests burst into life with blossom, welcoming the Siberian bees that work tirelessly to collect the precious nectar. No pesticides, no polluting industries, no factory production methods. This is the remote and beautiful world of Mishka honey.

Honey just as the bees intended

Mishka comes to you in its purest natural form. The rural bee farmers of Altai simply coarse-filter the honey to remove hive debris before sending it for packing into jars locally. Because Mishka honey is not pasteurised (cooked to a high temperature as the majority of supermarket versions are) it retains its unique regional character, opening up a whole new world of textures, aromas and flavours. It also retains the precious health-giving properties of honey that factory processing destroys.

The Mishka Honey Shop

Direct from the hives of the remote Altai Mountains to your table

Angelica Blossom

A rare and highly valued single flower honey known for its exquisite rich flavour


Linden (Lime Tree)

This distinctive single flower honey is pale in colour and deliciously sweet


Meadow Flowers

Meadow Flowers has a slight ‘fudgy’ texture with a balanced fragrant aroma


Mountain Flowers

Mountain Flowers combines sweetness with a fresh, complex taste


symbol of an unspoilt world

Mishka means ‘little bear’ in Russian – a common sight in the remote Altai region. One of least populated regions of Russia, around 200,000 human residents live in harmony with brown bears, wolves, snow leopards and, of course, many millions of Siberian bees!

The authentic honey
of Altai

Welcome to the world of the rural beekeepers in one of Russia’s most remote regions. Here they preserve centuries-old traditions and I’m absolutely delighted to bring the unique character of their pure honeys directly from Altai to the UK. It’s a special treat you certainly won’t find on the supermarket shelves!

Vladimir Bouilov,
Founder of Mishka Honey

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