Pure unpasteurised honey sourced exclusively from Siberia’s Altai region

For just a few months each year, the blan­ket of snow retreats from the Altai Moun­tains and the land is bathed in glo­ri­ous sun­shine. Fields and forests burst into life with blos­som, wel­com­ing the Siber­ian bees that work tire­less­ly to col­lect the pre­cious nec­tar. No pes­ti­cides, no pol­lut­ing indus­tries, no fac­to­ry pro­duc­tion meth­ods. This is the remote and beau­ti­ful world of Mish­ka honey.

Honey just as the bees intended

Mish­ka comes to you in its purest nat­ur­al form. The rur­al bee farm­ers of Altai sim­ply coarse-fil­ter the hon­ey to remove hive debris before send­ing it for pack­ing into jars local­ly. Because Mish­ka hon­ey is not pas­teurised (cooked to a high tem­per­a­ture as the major­i­ty of super­mar­ket ver­sions are) it retains its unique region­al char­ac­ter, open­ing up a whole new world of tex­tures, aro­mas and flavours. It also retains the pre­cious health-giv­ing prop­er­ties of hon­ey that fac­to­ry pro­cess­ing destroys.

The Mishka Honey Shop

Direct from the hives of the remote Altai Moun­tains to your table

Angelica Blossom

A rare and high­ly val­ued sin­gle flower hon­ey known for its exquis­ite rich flavour


Linden (Lime Tree)

This dis­tinc­tive sin­gle flower hon­ey is pale in colour and deli­cious­ly sweet


Meadow Flowers

Mead­ow Flow­ers has a slight ‘fudgy’ tex­ture with a bal­anced fra­grant aroma


Mountain Flowers

Moun­tain Flow­ers com­bines sweet­ness with a fresh, com­plex taste


symbol of an unspoilt world

Mish­ka means ‘lit­tle bear’ in Russ­ian – a com­mon sight in the remote Altai region. One of least pop­u­lat­ed regions of Rus­sia, around 200,000 human res­i­dents live in har­mo­ny with brown bears, wolves, snow leop­ards and, of course, many mil­lions of Siber­ian bees!

The authentic honey
of Altai

Wel­come to the world of the rur­al bee­keep­ers in one of Russia’s most remote regions. Here they pre­serve cen­turies-old tra­di­tions and I’m absolute­ly delight­ed to bring the unique char­ac­ter of their pure hon­eys direct­ly from Altai to the UK. It’s a spe­cial treat you cer­tain­ly won’t find on the super­mar­ket shelves!

Vladimir Bouilov,
Founder of Mish­ka Honey

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