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MISHKA Honey receives glorious feedback from the UK leading honey expert

We were over the moon to receive such complimentary feedback about MISHKA Honey from well-known British honey expert and sommelier Sarah Wyndham Lewis.

This is a brilliant step forward for MISHKA Honey and gives us great encouragement to continue on our journey.


“… this unexpected and heavenly gift of Siberian honeys from @mishkahoneyaltai. I knew little about the remote Golden Mountains Altai region of Siberia (on the roof of the world, bordering Mongolia & China) or its traditional migratory beekeeping culture….but was taken straight there by two rich polyflorals (Meadow and Mountain flowers) and two memorable monoflorals, the notably aromatic (almost incense-like) Linden and an Angelica Blossom with its characteristically earthy/ herby umbelliferous flavours .
Thrilled with these new additions to my tasting library, thank you
🙏 Vladimir. And, for once, these rare honeys are actually available to buy in the UK. Joy for any honey lover….
And now I have full-on travel lust for the Altai …

Sarah Wyndham Lewis is a co-founder of Bermondsey Bees Honey, professional writer and Honey Sommelier, trained in the sensory analysis of honey at the prestigious University of Bologna. She is a columnist for a leading beekeeping magazine, trains chefs and bartenders and runs raw honey tastings for food and drinks industry professionals. Above she is pictured in her enormous library of honeys that she receives from all over the world for tasting and professional feedback.

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