By Vladimir Bouilov,  
Founder of Mish­ka Honey
Some­times in life, what ini­tial­ly feels like a cat­a­stro­phe turns out to be game-chang­ing in a good way. That cer­tain­ly hap­pened to me.

The Mish­ka sto­ry starts with an ear­ly morn­ing phone call telling me that after a twen­ty-year career in Lon­don, I was being made redun­dant. At first I was under­stand­ably shocked and upset. But then, some­thing dawned on me. Although my job was well-paid and inter­est­ing, its heavy demands had made me stressed and unhap­py. So maybe, instead of being an end­ing, was that day actu­al­ly a whole new beginning?

To help me through a chal­leng­ing time, an old friend invit­ed me to stay with him in my home coun­try of Rus­sia. I hopped on a plane, then a train, then a bus that made its bumpy way over remote rur­al roads into the heart of the beau­ti­ful Altai region in Siberia. There I climbed a moun­tain car­pet­ed with blos­som, swam in a cold clear lake and tast­ed the most deli­cious hon­ey I’d ever expe­ri­enced. This break from rou­tine calmed me down and helped me to see things dif­fer­ent­ly. I became much more positive.

That’s when my eure­ka moment hap­pened. Back in Britain, real food lovers have long appre­ci­at­ed pure, nat­ur­al, region­al hon­eys – the kind they can’t find in super­mar­kets. This was my oppor­tu­ni­ty to intro­duce peo­ple for the first time to an authen­tic taste of Altai’s unspoilt moun­tains and val­leys. I became friends with local bee farm­ers who were hap­py to sup­ply me direct­ly with their pre­cious prod­ucts, made using only the tra­di­tion­al meth­ods passed down through fam­i­lies for many generations.

And so the Mish­ka hon­ey range was born. Now I don’t miss my old job in the slight­est. My new world is bring­ing you Altai hon­ey, and I sin­cere­ly hope that enjoy­ing its unique char­ac­ter and good­ness will make you as hap­py as it’s made me.



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