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Privacy Policy

This web­site is oper­at­ed by Mish­ka Hon­ey Lim­it­ed, Reg­is­tered office: Anglo- Dal House 5, Spring Vil­la Road, Edg­ware, Mid­dle­sex, Unit­ed King­dom, HA8 7EB Com­pa­ny Reg­is­tra­tion (Eng­land and Wales) 13446806

The terms “you”, “your” and “yours” when used in this Pri­va­cy Pol­i­cy means any user of this website.


Privacy Statement

We are com­mit­ted to the pri­va­cy and con­fi­den­tial­i­ty of infor­ma­tion pro­vid­ed by you to us. This pol­i­cy explains what per­son­al infor­ma­tion we may col­lect about you, how we use that infor­ma­tion and what we do to keep it secure.

This web­site may con­tain links to web­sites that are not oper­at­ed by us. These links are pro­vid­ed for your ref­er­ence and con­ve­nience only and do not imply any endorse­ment of the activ­i­ties of these third-par­ty web­sites or any asso­ci­a­tion with their oper­a­tors. We do not con­trol these web­sites and are not respon­si­ble for their data or pri­va­cy prac­tices. We urge you to review any pri­va­cy pol­i­cy post­ed on any site you vis­it before using the site or pro­vid­ing any per­son­al infor­ma­tion about yourself.

We are con­tin­u­al­ly improv­ing our meth­ods of com­mu­ni­ca­tion and adding new func­tion­al­i­ty and fea­tures to this web­site and to our exist­ing ser­vices. Because of these ongo­ing changes, changes in the law and the chang­ing nature of tech­nol­o­gy, our data prac­tices will change from time to time. If and when our data prac­tices change, we will noti­fy you of the changes via this page. We encour­age you to check this page frequently.

Collection of Information

You may choose to use our ser­vices or receive addi­tion­al infor­ma­tion from us. When you request our ser­vices or addi­tion­al infor­ma­tion, we may col­lect per­son­al infor­ma­tion about you from this web­site, from tele­phone con­ver­sa­tions, from writ­ten infor­ma­tion sent to us and from oth­er com­mu­ni­ca­tions. This infor­ma­tion would include your name, con­tact details and oth­er infor­ma­tion you vol­un­teer to pro­vide to us. The infor­ma­tion you pro­vide is either man­u­al­ly or elec­tron­i­cal­ly stored in our data­bas­es. We some­times sup­ple­ment the infor­ma­tion that you pro­vide with infor­ma­tion that is received or obtained from third parties.

In addi­tion to col­lect­ing per­son­al infor­ma­tion as described above, we use tech­nol­o­gy to col­lect anony­mous infor­ma­tion about the use of our web­site. For exam­ple, our web serv­er auto­mat­i­cal­ly logs which pages of our web­site our vis­i­tors view, their IP address­es and which web browsers our vis­i­tors use. This tech­nol­o­gy does not iden­ti­fy you per­son­al­ly, it sim­ply enables us to com­pile sta­tis­tics about our vis­i­tors and their use of our website.

Our web­site con­tains hyper­links to oth­er pages on our web­site. We may use tech­nol­o­gy to track how often these links are used and which pages on our web­site our vis­i­tors choose to view. Again this tech­nol­o­gy does not iden­ti­fy you per­son­al­ly – it sim­ply enables us to com­pile sta­tis­tics about the use of these hyperlinks.

We also use your IP address to help diag­nose prob­lems with our serv­er and to admin­is­ter our web­site. An IP address is a numer­ic code that iden­ti­fies your com­put­er on a net­work, or in this case, the Inter­net. Your IP address is also used to gath­er broad demo­graph­ic information.

We may also per­form IP lookups to deter­mine which domain you are com­ing from (e.g.:, to more accu­rate­ly gauge our users’ demographics.

In order to col­lect anony­mous infor­ma­tion we may use tem­po­rary ‘cook­ies’ that remain in the cook­ies file of your brows­er until the brows­er is closed. Cook­ies by them­selves can­not be used to dis­cov­er the iden­ti­ty of the user. A cook­ie is a small piece of infor­ma­tion which is sent to your brows­er and stored on your computer’s hard dri­ve. Cook­ies do not dam­age your com­put­er. You can set your brows­er to noti­fy you when you receive a cook­ie. This enables you to decide if you want to accept it or not.

Use of Information

We will use your infor­ma­tion to ful­fil your requests, admin­is­ter any accounts you have with us and to com­ply with any applic­a­ble laws or law­ful gov­ern­ment and/or reg­u­la­to­ry requests. Where we send you infor­ma­tion for any pur­pose, it may be sent by e‑mail or post.

How­ev­er, if you do not wish to receive e‑mails from us and want to be removed from our elec­tron­ic mail­ing list, please e‑mail us at the address giv­en below with “Email Unsub­scribe” in the sub­ject heading.

We may also use your infor­ma­tion for the fol­low­ing purposes:

  • to inform you of new ser­vices we will be providing;
  • to send you updates on issues we think will be of inter­est to you;
  • to send you request­ed infor­ma­tion on our services;
  • for mar­ket­ing pur­pos­es and mar­ket research;
  • inter­nal­ly to admin­is­ter this web­site and help us improve our services.

We will dis­close to you the infor­ma­tion we hold about you, for which we may make a small charge, on receipt of your writ­ten request and being sat­is­fied as to your iden­ti­ty. We will cor­rect, amend or delete any infor­ma­tion that is inac­cu­rate and noti­fy any third par­ty recip­i­ents of the nec­es­sary changes. You may update any infor­ma­tion you have giv­en to us by con­tact­ing us at the address giv­en above.

Requests to delete infor­ma­tion are sub­ject to any applic­a­ble legal and eth­i­cal report­ing or doc­u­ment reten­tion oblig­a­tions imposed on us.

Disclosure of Information

We do not share, sell or dis­trib­ute your per­son­al infor­ma­tion with unre­lat­ed third par­ties, except as oth­er­wise pro­vid­ed for in this pol­i­cy and under these lim­it­ed circumstances:

  • In order to pro­vide you with the infor­ma­tion or ser­vices which you have request­ed, infor­ma­tion may occa­sion­al­ly be trans­ferred or shared with third par­ties who act for us for fur­ther pro­cess­ing in accor­dance with the pur­pos­es for which the data was orig­i­nal­ly col­lect­ed or for pur­pos­es to which you have sub­se­quent­ly con­sent­ed. For exam­ple, some­times a third par­ty may have access to your infor­ma­tion in order to sup­port our infor­ma­tion technology.
  • We will keep your con­tact details on our data­base and may, from time to time, e‑mail or post you infor­ma­tion to make you aware of our oth­er sim­i­lar prod­ucts and ser­vices which may be of inter­est to you. If you do not wish to receive e‑mails or post from us for these pur­pos­es, please let us know by fol­low­ing the “unsub­scribe” pro­ce­dure set out above.
  • Where you have con­sent­ed, we may also share your infor­ma­tion with oth­er busi­ness­es who may con­tact you about their prod­ucts or ser­vices that may inter­est you.
  • We may share, trans­fer or dis­close the infor­ma­tion in our data­bas­es and serv­er logs to com­ply with a legal require­ment, for the admin­is­tra­tion of jus­tice, inter­act­ing with anti-fraud data­bas­es, to pro­tect your vital inter­ests, to pro­tect the secu­ri­ty or integri­ty of our data­bas­es or this web­site, to take pre­cau­tions against legal liability.

Where appro­pri­ate, before dis­clos­ing per­son­al infor­ma­tion to a third par­ty, we will ensure the third par­ty to take ade­quate pre­cau­tions to pro­tect that data and to com­ply with applic­a­ble law.

In order to pro­vide the ser­vices and infor­ma­tion request­ed, we may need to trans­fer your per­son­al infor­ma­tion to coun­tries locat­ed out­side the Euro­pean Eco­nom­ic Area. Any trans­fer of your infor­ma­tion will be sub­ject to a Euro­pean Com­mis­sion approved con­tract which will safe­guard your pri­va­cy rights and give you reme­dies in the unlike­ly event of a secu­ri­ty breach.


We have in place var­i­ous secu­ri­ty mea­sures to pro­tect your per­son­al infor­ma­tion but can­not guar­an­tee the secu­ri­ty of any infor­ma­tion you dis­close on-line. E‑mail is not a secure medi­um and should not be used to send sen­si­tive or con­fi­den­tial information.

Governing law

This Pri­va­cy State­ment forms part of our web­site Terms of Use.


We wel­come com­ments about this pol­i­cy. If you have any ques­tions about this or any part of our ser­vice, you may con­tact us by e‑mailing:-

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