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Mead­ow Flow­ers has a slight ‘fudgy’ tex­ture with a bal­anced fra­grant aro­ma and sub­tle after­taste that reflects the delight­ful vari­ety of blos­soms where the bees are free to forage.

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To har­vest this authen­tic Siber­ian hon­ey the bee farm­ers place their hives in remote mead­ows burst­ing with a rich vari­ety of sum­mer flow­ers includ­ing clover, dan­de­lion, corn­flower, sun­flower and many oth­ers. At har­vest time the hon­ey is col­lect­ed (still leav­ing plen­ty for the bees to eat!) and care­ful­ly coarse fil­tered to remove hive debris. Noth­ing else is tak­en away.

Like all pure unprocessed hon­eys, Mish­ka may crys­tallise in the jar.

Enjoy its nat­ur­al tex­ture or, if you pre­fer, warm the jar in water at no more than 40ºC. This will reverse the crystallisation.




Indus­tri­al­ly pro­duced hon­eys found in super­mar­kets are heat­ed to high tem­per­a­tures (pas­teurised) so that they will stay run­ny. This process lit­er­al­ly cooks away much of the indi­vid­ual flavours and tex­tures of nat­ur­al hon­ey, as well as destroy­ing its pre­cious antibac­te­r­i­al properties.



Many super­mar­ket hon­eys are a mix of dif­fer­ent hon­eys from dif­fer­ent coun­tries or con­ti­nents. The result is a homogenised fac­to­ry prod­uct with no sense of region­al dis­tinc­tion. Mish­ka hon­ey is sourced exclu­sive­ly from rur­al pro­duc­ers in Altai, with a char­ac­ter like no other.


By choos­ing Mish­ka hon­ey you are direct­ly sup­port­ing the bee farm­ers of Altai, their fam­i­lies and their remote com­mu­ni­ties. Nur­tur­ing the Siber­ian bee pop­u­la­tions using tra­di­tion­al meth­ods to keep them healthy with­out chem­i­cals or antibi­otics is a way of life that goes back centuries.

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