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Mountain Flowers combines sweetness with a fresh, complex taste reminiscent of the shrubs and herbs that flourish in the crystal clear air of the Altai valleys and foothills.

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By locating hives at higher altitudes, farmers encourage their bees to forage widely among mountain-loving plant varieties including maral root, acacia, hawthorn, potentilla fruticosa, bird cherry, honeysuckle, meadowsweet and oregano. In addition, at these high altitudes the rich mineral composition of the soil makes the health benefits of this honey particularly potent.

Like all pure unprocessed honeys, Mishka may crystallise in the jar.

Enjoy its natural texture or, if you prefer, warm the jar in water at no more than 40ºC. This will reverse the crystallisation.




Industrially produced honeys found in supermarkets are heated to high temperatures (pasteurised) so that they will stay runny. This process literally cooks away much of the individual flavours and textures of natural honey, as well as destroying its precious antibacterial properties.



Many supermarket honeys are a mix of different honeys from different countries or continents. The result is a homogenised factory product with no sense of regional distinction. Mishka honey is sourced exclusively from rural producers in Altai, with a character like no other.


By choosing Mishka honey you are directly supporting the bee farmers of Altai, their families and their remote communities. Nurturing the Siberian bee populations using traditional methods to keep them healthy without chemicals or antibiotics is a way of life that goes back centuries.

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